This story is in the year 2120 where humans are slaves of robots. -Leafpaw 18:32, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter OneEdit

Hello, my name is Ara. I'm a normal kid with a freaky brother who is 4 years younger than me. Our Masters keep us from talking to other children so our life is pretty boring. The Masters our robots that some scientist created, he even added human brains. My brother loves the Masters. He has posters of them on is walls. I hate them, sometimes I wish I wasn't even born. But here, if you ever wish something like that the Masters will gladly grant it.

I looked at my bare walls. Today was my 15th Birthday and I had no family to celebrate it with besides my creep of a brother Zach. He loved the Masters, and I mean LOVED. He had pictures of them on the walls and the ceiling. I know the Masters can't love, hate, feel sad, etc. but Zach seemed to love them anyway. I sighed as I thought about my 5th birthday. The Masters were just created and were killing people or putting them in jail. I hate that day because that's the day they killed my parents. I'm going to get revenge.

"Zach!" I called but nobody answered.

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