This is about an elf who has a falcon and one day the falcon brings a message that startles all.-User:Leafwhisker

Prologe Edit

Arties looked at the skies but he could not see his falcon Fetea, she normaliy came back at this time. She can not be dead! thought the elf. Suddenly a great flap of a few pairs of wings reaches his ears. "Fetea!" Arties called and the falcon flew torward him with the birds right behind her but the birds were different than normal birds, they were jet black with gastly eyes and talons of fire. The Dark Lords Konor!

Chapter One Edit

Arties sat by the Willow tree grooming Fetea's feathers. The Konor attack had left her startled but Arties was more worried about the message she brought with her, "You may be the greatest leader in the Grasetu layer but doom lies not in my or your hands but in Arteu's." Arteu is my sister but why would she kill me? Why should I listen to Starer! He just says that so I kill myself! Arties was thinking. He was the best leader in the Grasetu layer but was startled by a message, from the Dark Lord?

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