This is a story about a girl, Boras. She's training to be one of the greatest Warriors in the history of her Army, the Fronaks. Just like her hero, Crebness.

But she's also the subject of one of the greatest secrets in the history of Time. When Boras discovers the secret on her own, how will she deal with it? Read the story (which might end up being two or three or maybe four pages) to find out!


“She’s dead!” A voice shouted above the noise of the battle.
Bajaj paused in the rhythmic swinging of his light-sword to see the body of his apprentice, the greatest warrior in the galaxy, limp on the ground. Her hand was cut from the rest of her body.
The Redman standing above her looked surprised. His face was contorted into something between amazement and seriousness; to Bajaj, it was ineffable.
“Fronaks! Retreat!” the general, Vicar, shouted above the commotion.
“Grab Crebness!” Bajaj shouted. Two men, Galton and Quintal, instantly grabbed both ends of the body, and sprinted away. Wind blew past Bajaj as they flew past him.
The last of the army was escaping the holds of the Redman. Their faces contorted in anger, the Redman took a few more swipes at their enemy as they fled.
Bajaj’s best friend, Xasper, was among the last to escape. He had a large scar across his back. Bajaj pushed him onward, causing Xasper to stumble and give Bajaj a nasty look.
Bajaj glanced at the battlefield- the planet Voltan- before sweeping his cloak around him and entering his spaceship. He had work to do.

Bajaj inserted the last ingredient into the greatest potion of the galaxy. He inserted it into the machine.
He watched his result. Crebness would definitely be remembered like this.
He held the final product up. It squirmed in his hands, but did not cry.
“I name you Boras,” he said over the hum of the machine. Setting it down, he whispered, “Now all I have to do is wait ten years.”

Chapter 1Edit

Boras picked up her light-sword. She admired the lightness, the craftiness, the swiftness of the deadliest weapon in the galaxy.
She was training to become a Warrior, just like the legendary Crebness, who was the main character of a lot of the stories Bajaj told her. Crebness had been his apprentice, and she had trained hard to stay in the position she had died in. Leader of the Fronaks.
The Fronaks were her army, her family. It didn’t matter who she had been born to, who were her birth parents, because Bajaj had always taken care of her. And he had never told her the parents she had been born to.
Now Boras was training to become a Warrior, just like her hero, Crebness. Her light-sword was Crebness’s old one. It had been the greatest weapon in the galaxy. Now it was just given to Apprentices. Bajaj was going to study her fighting style, and build her a light-sword of her very own. But she liked the light-sword she was using now. It fit her style perfectly. It was balanced, and clean.
Unlike her friend, Wastrek. Wastrek was always stumbling around the ship like he didn’t know how to walk. But Boras knew very well that he could. He chose not to.
“Boras,” Bajaj called softly. “Are you dreaming?”
Boras jerked out of her trance. “I’m sorry, Master.”
“I don’t mind,” Bajaj excused her. “But you can’t do that during The Test. You might have to train longer.”
“Crebness did,” Boras pointed out.”It can’t be a bad thing, then.”
“She was seriously injured during her re-training,” Bajaj said. “You don’t want that, do you?”
Boras lowered her head. “No,” she whispered.
“Now, let’s keep going,” Bajaj said. “You were doing well before you dozed off. Let me demonstrate it for you again…” He waved his light-sword in a complicated swirl around his body, ending in a crouch, his light-sword held out beside him.
Boras stared. “I’ll never be able to do that!” she whispered.
“Now you try!” Bajaj said. “Then we can be done.”
Boras waved her light-sword in the complicated motion that she hoped was right. She finished with her light-sword out beside her, and herself in a crouch. Just like Bajaj.
Bajaj blinked. “You started right,” he began, “and finished correct.”
“Did I do it right in the middle?” Boras asked hopefully. Say yes, she urged.
“You need practice,” Bajaj said briskly. “Good day,” he said, dismissing her.
Boras bowed deeply. “Thank you, Master,” she said solemnly. She turned sharply and headed towards the door.
“Boras?” Bajaj called behind her.
Boras turned sharply on her heels.”Yes, Master?” she asked.
“Stay,” he directed her. He pulled a chair into the center of the room. “Sit,” he commanded her.
Boras blinked. All she wanted to do was sleep, and get to her room before her roommate, Dagret, did. She was a loud snorer. But Boras sat down.
Bajaj left the room, his brown robes sweeping around the doorway. Boras sat patiently, unmoving.
Bajaj swept back into the room; he had a long, thin package in his hands.
Boras bowed her head politely to her master.
“Today is the day when you get more rights as a member of The Army,” Bajaj began. “I remember this day with Crebness, how happy she was.”
Boras squirmed in her seat.
Bajaj continued. “I’ve always wondered if you’ll grow to up to be like her. You have the same mentor she had, me. Your greatest tool is the one she once used. But no more, will that be.”
Boras blinked. “What do you mean?” she asked slowly.
Bajaj handed her the package. “Open this in your room. Make sure Dagret is watching,” he added, sneering.
Bajaj had always disliked Dagret, and he always made sure that Boras was one step ahead of her.
“Is this just to stay ahead of Dagret?” Boras asked cautiously.
“Of course not,” Bajaj reassured her. “I think you deserve this.”
Boras let herself relax. “Thank you, Bajaj,” she said.
“You are welcome,” Bajaj replied. “Enjoy,” he added.
Boras stood up. “I must be going now,” she informed him, and she walked out of the room.
The Fronaks lived in a large space-ship. It had many rooms. The highest, one of the most honorable positions, was flying it. Boras didn’t want to be a Pilot. She didn’t want to be stuck in the same room for days on end; her only sounds being the continuous humming of the engine.
Boras lived in a room towards the back. Her Training took place in a large room in the Apprentices’ hall. There were many apprentices, but only four were training to be Warriors, people who defended the Fronaks in times of need.
When Boras finally reached the room she shared with Dagret, the door was closed. She wished that she could share a room with Wastrek. But he was not allowed to share a room with her until Marriage.
Boras knocked four times fast, and then three more, slower. This was their special knock, one that only she and Dagret knew.
“Come in,” Dagret called from inside.
When Boras entered, closing the door quickly when she saw that Dagret was changing, she collapsed on her bed. It was comfy.
“What’s that?” Dagret asked, eyeing the package suspiciously. “Can I see?”
“I don’t know yet,” Boras explained. “Bajaj told me to open it here, with you watching.”
Dagret rolled her eyes. “Is he always trying to show you off?” she asked, exasperated.
“I guess so,” Boras agreed. “Now, hurry up! The package is waiting.”
At this Dagret went considerably slower, taking her time pulling off her robe.
Boras looked away. She didn’t like looking under the robes of others, even if Dagret was her roommate.
Boras heard Dagret searching for her bed-robe. Dagret was messy, and she always had trouble finding things.
Boras always kept her things neat and organized in her Closet, which wasn’t very big.
“Okay, I’m done,” Dagret said from across the room. “Let’s see what’s in that package.”
“Bajaj glued it,” Boras groaned. She took out her light-sword and cut through it easily.
As Boras opened the box, Dagret gasped. She pulled out her light-sword. “Something just fell off my sword!” she exclaimed.
“I’ll help you look for it after this,” Boras told her. “Look in your robes.”
Dagret dug around in her pocket and pulled out a small spring. “Here,” she said. “I’ll have to get Hatrask to fix it during Training tomorrow.”
At this, Boras gasped. But she wasn’t gasping about Dagret’s statement. It was about what was inside the box.
She pulled out a brand new light-sword. It was sleek and shiny. She pressed a button on the side and watched the flat source of purple light emerge from the holding tube.
It was beautiful.
The note inside said, This sword is for you, Boras, and you only. It is named Gelukkig. I hope this sword brings you good fortune.

Chapter 2Edit

Boras woke up to Dagret shaking her.
“Boras!” Dagret hissed. “Wake up!”
“I already am up,” Boras yawned. “What do you need?”
“It’s time for training!” Dagret informed her roommate.
Boras sighed and slipped out of bed. She quickly changed into her Warrior Apprentice robe, which were light and colorful. Boras’s was purple, and Dagret’s was bright green and orange.
Dagret had already changed. She waited for Boras to slip her new light-sword onto her belt, and the two left the room.
The other apprentices, Wastrek and another boy named Hartsam, were waiting outside the room. “Finally!” Wastrek exclaimed.
Boras just smiled. She knew that Wastrek had only been waiting for a couple of seconds.
“Boras! Show them what you got last night,” Dagret said.
“What did you get?” Hartsam asked curiously.
Boras pulled the light-sword off of her belt. “Just a new light-sword!” she said proudly.
Wastrek gasped and hugged Boras. “Congratulations!” he exclaimed. “That must mean mine is coming soon.”
Boras nodded. “It does, doesn’t it?” She fingered her light-sword’s handle.
Hartsam yawned. “They should make training start later,” he commented.
“It’s only your first week,” Wastrek informed him. “We get weekends off.”
Hartsam perked up. “It’s the last day of the week!”
Wastrek raised his eyebrows at the other two apprentices, telling them not to comment. “Yeah,” he said, turning back to the younger apprentice, “it’s Friday.”
By now they had reached the room where Boras trained.
“’Bye, Boras!” Dagret called.
Boras raised her hand in farewell as she watched her friends continue down the hall. She smiled as she saw Bajaj.
“Well?” Bajaj prompted. “Do you like it?”
Boras nodded. “Of course! I love it! And the name… Gelukkig. That sounds good, too.”
“Do you really think so?” Bajaj asked.
Boras nodded again. “Can I use it now?” she asked.
Bajaj unstrapped his own light-sword from his belt. “Of course,” he said. His orange-red blade glowed as he moved it around his body, inviting Boras to make the first move.
Boras swung her sword. Bajaj easily deflected it, but that was what Boras wanted. Using Bajaj’s sword as a boost, she moved around his body, swinging her sword around his body.
Bajaj turned with her, never taking his eyes off of her.
Boras grinned as she blocked Bajaj’s attack. “Nice try,” she said.
Bajaj stepped back, eyeing and open area near Boras’s hip. Boras moved her sword to protect it-
“The Redman!” a voice shouted. “They’re coming! I can see their ship!”
Boras and Bajaj stared at each other, and quickly put away their light-swords. As Boras was hooking it to her belt, Bajaj was racing out of the room, light-sword in hand.
The Redman were the worst Army in the galaxy. Their most honored member was the person who had killed Crebness. It was sick.
Dagret raced into the room. “Boras! They’re letting us fight!”
Boras glanced up. “Really?” she asked. The last time the Redman had come, the two Apprentices had been young, just barely beginning their apprenticeship.
“Let’s go!” Wastrek shouted from the door.
The three apprentices raced towards the commotion. Boras could see the forbidding ship floating about a mile away from the Fronaks’ ship.
Wastrek hadn’t seen a Redman ship before. He started to shake in fear; when Boras wrapped her arm around him, he wouldn’t stop.
Wastrek inched closer to Boras as the three apprentices walked. Dagret was walking slightly ahead of Boras and Wastrek.
Wastrek was now starting to calm down. He was hugging Boras tightly; Boras was having trouble breathing. She was sure that Wastrek liked the feeling of closeness between them; Boras kind of liked it, too.
By then, the three apprentices had reached the Army. A man said, “Warrior apprentices?”
Boras nodded. Wastrek moved apart from her, slightly.
The man gestured the three into the room. “Do that alone,” he added to Boras and Wastrek. “It’s distracting.”
Wastrek instantly moved away from Boras; she could see the disappointment on his face.
The man stared at the two. “You know, you two can always Marry,” he informed them.
“We know that,” Boras sneered. “But not until we’re Warriors.”
“That doesn’t look too far away,” the man observed.
“It isn’t,” Boras informed him, and turned away.
Wastrek stared at her. “That man wasn’t very nice,” he said.
Boras stared at him. “You know that we aren’t allowed to do…” she searched for a word, “that in public. We have to Marry.”
Wastrek sighed. “But I was scared,” he protested after a moment.
“That’s no reason to-“
Boras was cut off as the man that had let her in called the meeting. “Warriors of the Fronaks,” he called, “trouble is coming. The Redmens’ ship has been seen approaching ours. We need to defend our people. At this moment, the Directors are beckoning everyone towards the middle of our ship, because the bullets of the Redmen are most likely to skim the outside covering.
“We need instant attackers,” the man continued. “I’ll go, and… how about Bajaj and his apprentice? Let’s see his progress.”
“I’m a girl,” Boras said loudly, standing up. “It’s nice to know that you think I’m a boy. She placed her hand threateningly on her light-sword handle.
The man blinked. “I’m sorry,” but he didn’t sound it. “What’s your name, kid?”
“Boras,” she snarled. “I’m almost a Warrior. One month.”
“That’s if you pass The Test,” Bajaj said.
Boras shot him a look. She still had her hand on her light-sword.
The man said, “I’m Xasper.”
Boras nodded. Xasper looked pleased.
Bajaj looked up. “Xasper, I’m your friend. I don’t need to prove myself to you, do I?”
“We can’t waste light-sword materials on bad Warriors. A bad Warrior is a burden.”
At this Wastrek leaped up. He was shaking in anger. “That’s why you threw my brother out, didn’t you?”
Xasper stared at Wastrek. He seemed to be searching his mind for an appropriate answer. Finally he said one word, “Yes.”
Wastrek roared in anger. Boras grabbed him by his robe as he attempted to strike Xasper. “It’s not worth it,” she whispered. “He was a burden.”
Wastrek turned around to face her. “That’s what you think, too?” he bellowed. “He was my brother, Boras! My brother!” He began to shake in fear. “What if they throw me out, too?”
Boras didn’t know what to say.
“Are you done?” Xasper asked angrily. “We have to defend the Army against the Redmen. It’s mandatory,” he added.
“What if they’re just passing by?” Dagret asked.
“No space-ship gets within shooting range of another,” Xasper informed her, “without a reason.” He picked up his light-sword. It had one word engraved on the side. Blut.
Boras didn’t know what Blut meant. She didn’t want to, but it sounded evil.
Xasper assigned the Warriors and three Apprentices to forces, which would come in phases. Boras was on Force 1, Wastrek on Force 2, and Dagret on Force 3.
Bajaj walked over to him. “Xasper used to be my best friend,” he explained. “But after…”
“Crebness?” Boras asked.
Bajaj nodded. “That blew everything out of proportion.”
Boras lowered her head. “She must have been a great person,” she said.
Bajaj lowered his head. “She was,” he agreed. “She was great.”
The two set off for the front of the ship. Out the windows, Boras could see the Redman ship inching closer… and closer…
“Wait!” Boras shouted. “Why don’t we set a trap?”
“Where?” Bajaj snarled. “There’s nowhere!”
“The only place they can get in, the only place that doesn’t require a password, is the front of this ship,” Boras reminded him. “We’ll set a trap.”
Bajaj blinked. “The Redmen are smarter than they look.”
“But,” Boras countered, “they can’t see through our windows. They don’t know that we see them.”
“So,” Bajaj began, “they don’t know what the trap is!”
“Exactly!” Boras said.
Boras saw Bajaj grin. “We’re going to win this.”

Chapter 3Edit

"Okay, we're finished," Bajaj said, stepping back. "I think we're good to go."
"Are you sure?" a voice said behind them. "Because I kind of see a flaw."
"Xasper, do you have anything nice to say?" Boras asked.
Xasper raised his eyebrows. "That was nice."
Boras lunged forward, but Bajaj held her back.
"Bajaj," Xasper said, "what are you doing?"
Bajaj felt a surge of anger. "Why does it matter, Xasper?"
Xasper glared back at him.
Bajaj looked at Boras. She was beginning to look more and more like the Crebness he remembered...
With a roar, Bajaj took out his light-sword.
Xasper looked surpised, and he backed away, into the wall.
"Bajaj, no!" Boras screamed.
But it was too late. Bajaj couldn't hold himself back. He attacked his former friend, waving his light-sword to get around Xasper's...
"No!" Boras screamed. "No..."

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